Express Chipping realizes the difficulty of chipping new trucks without damaging them.  The honest truth is that it is difficult to never damage or ding up a truck.  So many factors make this difficult to navigate.  However, after 20 years of experience we know the ups and downs of this industry and obviously with our tenure we have done a great job at minimizing damage and making sure the customer is well informed as to situations the occur in the field.  The following is an article about Ozinga and the new trucks they purchased for their fleet.  Take a is very interesting.

Ozinga s no stranger to innovation. After all, four generations in the business give you insight on how to run a successful operation. The latest innovation delivered by Ozinga is the new fleet of trucks. These state-of-the-art mixer trucks are equipped with useful technology to improve service and safety in our local communities.2017 Kenworth T880

The new fleet consists of 2017 Kenworth T880 trucks that include a PX-9 engine, Allison 4500RDS transmission, Dana Spicer D2000 front axle, Bendix disc brakes, Bendix 6S/6M ABS, and Hendrickson HMX460 rear suspension.

On the outside, the trucks include McNeilus Bridge Master mixers with 10.5-yard paver drums. The aluminum chutes are lighter and more durable, making them easier to work with while still successfully handling the toughest loads. Strobe lights are located on all sides of the mixer for added on-the-job safety, and backup cameras offer crisp visibility for drivers while in reverse. Each one is also equipped with a Smart Witness forward-facing camera system that records the truck’s movements for added safety.

Inside, the new aluminum body cabs are more spacious, and all the functions are electronic with touchscreen controls for increased driver comfort.

Most of the mixers have also been fitted with Verifi slump monitoring and managing equipment that Ozinga can access in real time through PC or mobile devices.

Verifi constantly monitors a truck’s load through a hydraulic sensor and offers real-time information regarding its age, temperature and slump. If a slump drops below 1/2-inch of a customer’s desired number, Verifi will add water and/or admixtures during transit to maintain the original slump. In addition, if changes to a load are needed after a truck is in transit, Verifi allows these changes to be made on the go. Through an in-cab display, the driver can change the slump of a load; monitor the number of revolutions and revolution speed; and even add a specific amount of water to the load to create the desired slump. Any changes made to the load after it has left the plant will be reported through real-time digital feedback. This allows Ozinga to provide quicker turnaround time and higher quality products to its customers.

For the drivers, Ozinga relies on Digital Fleet.  This technology is accessed through in-vehicle tablets that allow Ozinga’s drivers to easily communicate with dispatch, access real-time load ticket information and receive turn-by-turn directions. On the home office side, Digital Fleet offers real-time tracking and metrics, so dispatch is always aware of a mixer’s location and performance.

By investing in new equipment, Ozinga can maintain strong customer service and still maintain high-quality ready mix concrete. Watch the video below to learn more about our new fleet.