Is your concrete chipping company compliant with your internal OSHA safety requirements?  There are many concrete chipping companies that promote safety as a flagship selling point, but while peeling the onion and taking a little time to investiage, ready mix safety managers find out that to diseminate these policies and actually execute on them to chippers is more difficult than it appears.  Most of the time it is discovered that many violations are occuring.  Make sure the company providing chipping services have a complete Injury and Illness prevention plan specifically geared for chipping services, liability insurance of atleast 2 milliion, Workman's Compensation and a waiver of subrogation.  A death or injury on your plant in a drum is a very expensive way to learn this lesson.  This will ensure that your risk is limited.

Express Chipping, Inc has consulted with many Safety managers and actually have written some concrete chipping safety policies for some of the largest companies in the industry.

If you have any questions or concerns in regard to your vendor's safety program, feel free to contact us to assist you in this process of "managing the risk".  It is the most dangerous activity performed in your plant.


John Pla
Express Chipping, Inc.