Chairman: Tim Kauzlick (CEMEX)


Vice Chair: David Williams (Chaney Enterprises)


Staff Liaison: Gary Mullings, Kevin Walgenbach and Eileen Dickson 


Executive Committee Liaison: Adam Manatt (Manatt Inc)

The Committee on Operations, Environmental and Safety (OES) provides a forum for the interchange of ideas relating to operations, equipment maintenance, safety, environmental compliance, production and distribution and the recruitment, training, and development of personnel and human resource management in the ready mixed concrete industry. The committee coordinates the annual OES Fall Forum and Expo in conjunction with ConcreteWorks and is responsible for development of publications for operations, environmental, safetyand human resource personnel.

The OES Committee was established in 1964, then named the Operations and Equipment Maintenance Committee, with Pat Wheat, Transit Mix Concrete, Beaumont, TX as the first Chairman. The committee has four major task groups; Operations Task Group,Environmental Task Group, Safety Task Group and Human Resource Task Group. The task groups work independently but are grouped into one main committee because of the high degree of interaction of the disciplines with the ready mixed concrete industry. The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Task Group Chairman serve two year terms. The committee typically meets in the spring and again duringConcreteWorks.

The OES committee is also responsible for the development of, and annually conducts NRMCA’s National Mixer Driver Championship. The Driver Championship is held in conjunction with ConcreteWorks. All NRMCA members are eligible to participate in driver recognition either through their state association or with intra-company competitions. OES committee members are judges for the competition and are responsible for all its rules and regulations.


OES committee membership is open to all NRMCA producer member companies as well associate members. Any individual wishing to join the committee is cordially invited to contact NRMCA staff liaison for immediate membership.


Courtesy: NRMCA Website