Express Chipping, Inc, concrete chipping services division focuses on keeping current with NRMCA publications and safety initiatives in order to keep our employees safe as well as protect our customers from dangerous situations.

Recently, the  NRMCA  Safety Task Group is responsible for the creation and implementation of industry specific (Concrete Chipping) publications, as well as networking, educational and recognition programs serving the occupational safety and health needs of the ready mixed concrete industry.  Some of this content addresses the safety necessary for concrete chipping services.

The task group manages course content for the NRMCA Safety Certification Course. The main goal of the task group is to reduce injuries caused by concrete chipping and company liability in the ready mixed concrete industry. 

The task group also works with the U.S.OSHA to proactively address and solve safety issues that affect the ready mixed concrete industry. The task group holds an annual Safety Contest and is responsible for the content of all NRMCA safety publications.  For more about safety issues in the concrete ready mix business visit