We have the secrets to chipping concrete and helping you save money.  Want to know what they are... take a quick read. Smart plant managers, dispatchers, area managers and general managers really hate the topic of concrete chipping.  We all know that this is the achillies heal of plant efficiencies, operations and the toughest to understand its actual payback.  The cost come directly of the bottom line and if you are smart adds to the top if you are educated about it.   Well, at Express Chipping, Inc. we can provide you with some secretes to the procurement process but you have to make an effort.  You may ask how do you do this?  Simple, just ask.

Contact us and I will send you a detailed industry study that we compilied to assist  not only how you should make the decision of who is chipping you ready-mix trucks but why, who and when to make it.  There is information that only we have measured and its because we have almost 20 years in the industry.  There are trade efficiencies that we know and will take the time to teach it to you.  Its simple, just contact us and we will gladly discuss this with you. 


I dont want to simply put this information out in public because my competitions scoures our webstie on a daily basis.  We have been the industry leader for a long time.  This credibility is why you need to contact us.